The snow day we needed.

On Saturday there was a snowflake on the weather app for Wednesday that would stay for a few hours and then be replaced with a cloud or possible rain and then a few hours later the snowflake would appear and we would all hold our breath again. By Monday people were starting to really think snow may come–possibly 1-2 inches.

Henry woke up Wednesday morning around 2 AM and, after putting him back to bed, I looked outside to see no snow whatsoever and gave in to the fact that this would be another mis-call and we would be going to work for half a day and then hanging out at the house or seeing a movie in the afternoon. We woke up at 6 AM again and realized we may have been the ones who misjudged. We were in for a proper snow day. 7-9 inches later and we had the most snow we’ve seen in 10 years. (I don’t think that’s historically accurate.)

So we gave in completely to the snow day and did nothing but play and make things and read and watch too much tv and it was the most fun and simple snow day we have had in quite a long time. There just were no other options–we were trapped and the only option was simple and easy fun.

We tried making play doh and slime. The play doh worked much better than the slime.


Henry’s neighbor friend came over and they sledded and made snow angels and snow cream with Chris.


Then they played upstairs for almost two hours while I got caught up on reading (not laundry.)

Today we continued with cookies and arts and crafts (but a little more organizing/simplifying on my end).


It was a nice reminder that Henry has the most fun when we’re doing the simple things in full effect.



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