Stay Calm.


We planned the last week for months and the one thing we knew was we wanted a wedding that was intimate, simple, and focused on joy over stress. At the time we didn’t know we’d also be closing on a house and then moving a week later. When you look back on the last couple of years it’s an overwhelming feeling to be here and happy and incredibly fortunate. So, instead of letting the stress take over, we are working hard to find a place of gratitude for this amazing space we get to call our life right now.

It was also very fitting that while adventuring through Black Mountain that we found a painted stone with the message “stay calm.” I carried it in my purse all week as a simple reminder to not let the anxiety take over and just enjoy the moment.

The wedding weekend was a whirlwind and, while pictures will be on their way here shortly, I’m definitely trying to let it all sink in how much love and happiness we felt this weekend.

Best. Favorite. Necessary.

Now we prepare for our next chapter and this week will be spent with many late nights and extra cups of coffee while we pack and get ready for our move on Saturday. It is absolutely perfect timing that Emily Ley is hosting a “Ruthless Declutter Challenge” this week that is one giant spring-cleaning-meets-simplicity focused plan of action. I’m using it as a guide: if I don’t want it in the new house, it’s not getting packed! The mantra from Emily Ley for the week: Best. Favorite. Necessary. The first day (today) is focused on the kitchen. So I’ll pour another cup of coffee and ruthlessly declutter.


(None of those mugs are being decluttered).



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