Our simply lovely wedding.

When I started this blog in an effort to find and embrace simplicity in our daily lives, I was also mid-wedding planning which is one of the least simple things you can do. We knew from the beginning, though, that we wanted a wedding that was, in fact, simple and focused on making a commitment to each other, in a place we love, with a few friends and family, and without much else. We also knew we wanted to share this celebration with a much larger group, but in a slightly different way, so we also planned a party/BBQ/reception in the next couple of weeks. But for the ceremony the mantra was: simple, simple, simple.

We were married outside of Asheville at a lovely winery, LongLeaf Vineyards that overlooked the mountains. Rain was scheduled all day so the week before I ordered (thank you amazon prime!) white umbrellas and rain boots…just in case. The rain clouds parted for about three hours and, while they made adorable props for pictures and were useful in the mud, we thankfully didn’t need the umbrellas for the actual monsoon weather we were thinking it would be. (Huge props to our friends who didn’t bat an eye at the thought of standing with us on a mountain in the pouring rain.)
For the weekend we rented a gorgeous airbnb home in Black Mountain that fit all of us with extra space and allowed us the comforts of a house with the flexibility to stay in, cook, and wander, but with the convenience of a hotel. We came back after the ceremony and had amazing cake by Ginni and a beautiful dinner by Chef Tyler. We relaxed, built legos, watched the mountains, ate some more, and just settled in to mountain life for the weekend.

All of that being said…I’m just going to leave these pictures right here and get back to packing!


Flowers from Pine and Petal Weddings on Etsy!

DSC_1472DSC_1506DSC_1510DSC_1514 2DSC_1522 2DSC_1537DSC_1552DSC_1560 2DSC_1587 2DSC_1611DSC_1617DSC_1637DSC_1649 2DSC_1667 2DSC_1684DSC_1708DSC_1720




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