A simple wedding.

Last night we held a small celebration to celebrate our wedding and, of course, one of our main objectives was keeping it simple. And, since this is a blog about my trying to simplify my/our life, that’s what I’m writing about today.

First, let me tell you–we were incredibly lucky to have found the venue we did. It’s a small farm in Kernersville, Smith Hollow Farm, that is owned by the nicest people and the setting is just perfect for what we wanted–outdoors/bbq/kid friendly/farm/lake/firepit/etc/etc/etc. The really nice part, though, was that we honestly felt we didn’t have to decorate. They have made the space so beautiful with hanging lights and wood accents, that it is a perfect spot just as it is. I did put together some table toppers and a few little things but we especially chose this location because of the simplicity in decorating, honestly believing most of it had been done for us.

The whole night, in fact, was designed so that everyone (including Chris and myself) could relax and not feel stressed or pulled in any one direction.

Here’s how we designed a simple wedding:

Table Decorations: 

The table decorations are flowers I picked up from Michael’s over the last couple of weeks while they were on sale. They were part of their spring flowers and while they are fake, I love that they don’t look like regular fake flowers. Side note: these are also what I will be decorating our entire house in now that the wedding party is all done.


I also picked up pretty glass jars wherever I could find them, which was mostly Target and Michaels. Target dollar spot had the pretty textured ones and Michael’s has a whole selection of metal plant holders. Wait until that 20% coupon on everything, including sale items, and you’ll be all set!




Most of the signs came from Target as a last-minute find and even our guest book was a dollar spot find.


We also didn’t have a color theme, which was probably one of the best choices I’ve made for the wedding. It allowed me to say “this is pretty and I want it in the wedding” even if it wasn’t a specific color. That freedom was much greater than I would have thought.


I should preface this with the fact that I’m allowed to say it’s simple because I didn’t do a ton of the work. Chris is the one who went to Lowes and bought 50 succulents and then to Walmart and bought 50 tiny canning jars the day before the wedding because I saw an idea on Pinterest.

But never mind that…I was really happy with the favors because they were simple enough to put together, didn’t cost a million dollars, and (I hope) something people thought were cute and wanted to take home. Option B was Mentos wrapped with notes that said “mint” to be together so you can all thank me later for skipping that one. Okay, thank Chris.




The last part I really can’t take credit for, except in choosing a location that had kids activities built in. We had a fire pit for smores, hayrides, farm football, cornhole, and more. Kids could visit the farm animals with their parents and run around. I found all these cute “things for kids to do at a wedding” ideas on Pinterest and not a single one of them would have happened because there was just so much fun stuff to do at the location itself.


I have a million more pictures to share, and trust me, I will. But, I wanted to get this out there—our party was simple so we could spend time with the friends and family that came to celebrate with us. And just because it was simple, doesn’t mean it wasn’t full of love, great food, and great times. It just meant we were also able to enjoy it in the process.


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