Simple Art.

I have found while reading parenting and lifestyle blogs that one of the common factors they share is the struggle to get those beautiful pictures off the phone and printed in your house. I wrote about this a couple of months ago and, while I’ve been doing better, it’s definitely something I have to actively work on. That’s why I’m thrilled about this next piece.
Now, I should preface this to say, I used Kelle Hampton’s blog Enjoying the Small Things as inspiration for this artwork. By inspiration we should probably just say plagiarism. I did not, in fact, realize until the poster arrived that I pretty much just straight up copied her entire print. And I’m okay with that because I absolutely love it and, while I don’t know her at all, feel like she would be the type of person to be okay with it, too.
I read her post From Camera to Walls a couple weeks ago and thought…I could do that. I absolutely loved the giant print of her daughter holding a camera framed using vintage poster hangers. I chose my favorite recent picture of Henry from our wedding (also the one that’s of him looking through a camera, because my subconscious took over) and went to Snapfish. I happened to hit it just right, with all prints being 70% off and this beauty blown up only cost me $5.99 shipped. (I’m also learning if I can’t get it shipped to me, it probably is just going to sit in the Target photo section until someone gives up and throws it away.)
Ok, looking at this picture you have to see why it’s one of my favorites–and why I didn’t even stop to realize it looked just like Kelle Hampton’s. I adore Henry’s love of all things photography and this picture just reminded me of it. At the wedding he wanted to badly to pick up the camera himself and take pictures. I look at him sometimes and see just what a big guy he is but in this picture I see the little boy in those cheeks, and little eyelashes, just so excited to learn and explore but also so sweet and still innocent.
I digress.
I also ordered a set of vintage poster frames from amazon. There were so many to choose from but these had good reviews and free shipping and that’s all I needed. You can find them here: Modern Wooden Painting Frame Magnetic Wood Photo Frame
The picture arrived in a little over a week and it took about 2 minutes to put together and hang. That’s the simple art I can get behind.
Have you seen lemon wreaths taking over? If you know me, you know I love a good wreath and I’ve definitely been drawn to the kitchen/spring/summer/happy feel of the lemon wreath. But, I’m sorry internet, $50-$75 is just a little too high for me when it comes to lemon wreath expenses. I have seen a number of diy-ers making their own and though…I could do that.
At Michael’s last week I found this wreath for 50% off and used my 40% off coupon to purchase the lemons. Then I used my 15% teacher discount and I think the whole thing totaled about $25 dollars plus tax. And it took me about 5 minutes to put together, which, as I said on instagram, is about all the time I have these days to devote to create lemon wreaths.
There’s still much to do in the way of art but these are two pieces that took no time at all and are no my favorite things to look at.

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